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May 5, 2013
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The Unreal and Imagined - Chibi Moon Goggles!

Do NOT copy, trace, edit or repost this artwork. I put a lot of effort into this picture and I don't want you to reuse elements of it, not to mention editing whole picture. Please, respect my will. I count on your fairness. Thanks!

These are the Chibi Moon Goggles (aka Chibi Moon Visors or Chibi Moon Mask) for Sailor Chibi Moon (a Sailor Senshi identity of Chibiusa Tsukino) that are could have been used by her to sense crime and evil happening around the Tokyo and possibly other areas across the world if they were real.

Please, don't trace or copy the idea of the way of showing the Chibi Moon Goggles (Chibi Moon Mask)! I really thought a lot to come up with this "original" idea. I hope you will understand it. Thank you in advance!

Sailor Chibi Moon never owned a mask (in any SM media or versions). Even her prototype design or pictures from the official artbook do not feature them. However, I always thought that if Naoko Takeuchi designed prototype Sailor Chibi Moon alongside prototype Inner Senshi, she would definitely gave her her own Sailor Mask as she did for Inners. That's why I decided to make one for the Pink Senshi. I wanted to give Chibiusa something really interesting and nice that I think she deserves to have, even though I don't like her.

So keep in mind that this mask is meant to be a "what-if" item - my vision of Chibiusa's mask if she had one in the manga.

I also decided to draw this mask for Sailor Chibi Moon because I was so proud of picture of Usagi's mask that I wanted not to waste the potential of that deviation. I wanted to use it once again as I think I got a brilliant idea for mask presenting. But what's the most important thing, to make a new picture I just had to recolor and edit a little some parts, which wasn't extremely hard, but wasn't easy either. As we all know Usagi and Chibiusa look just like sisters. That's why I edited it to fit Chibiusa and her image colors.

What is more. On many pictures in both manga and anime it appears that Chibiusa has inherited Usagi's eyes, which means her eyes have very similar reflections (with some differences) and proportions. This leads me to belief that adult Chibiusa would look almost the same as her mother and she will have the same body proportions when she will turn 14. It was a great excuse for me to simply recolor the picture of Sailor Moon's mask. However, please remember that these are not exactly the same eyes as Chibiusa's eyes! I have edited Usagi's eyes' reflections to resemble Chibiusa's!

I'm pretty sure you all agree with me and with what I said above. As justification I want to remind you one time two times in the anime and manga where Chibiusa was portrayed as a teenager or adult. The first one happened in the Black Moon Arc when Chibiusa turned into Black Lady, the second one was when Palla-Palla reversed ages of Usagi and Chibiusa, giving her 15 years (Usagi was 9 thanks to the age switch LOL). She looked then VERY similar to Usagi. And that's why I think I had full rights to reuse deviation for Usagi's mask :D

IMPORTANT: If you want to read more about the mask, please visit this picture here: [link] I have wrote everything important about Usagi's mask there. For example: first and last appearance and all functions. I've decided to not post here the same information in order not to make an extremely description. Beside it is far too long even at this point (gosh, I really have to short all these descriptions, it takes so much time to write anything! Sometimes more that even the picture itself o.O).

I think that if Chibiusa had her own Moon Goggles, they would work the same way Usagi's worked. They would sense crime and evil and project the video from the crime scene on the goggles' glasses. They would also appear as a part of the transformation and her Sailor Fuku. She would probably also take them off right after henshin and throw them in the air (just imagine how cool it would look like if she did it in duet with Usagi! :la:) She would only had them for the "Prism Power" transformation. For next ones and new power levels they would be completely absent.

IMPORTANT: The original Moon Goggles were never named in the manga. They never had any special name and were referred to (if referred at all) simply as a mask. However, for the purpose of making the previous picture I decided to create a generic name for them, a simple name - the Moon Goggles. I know this isn't creative, but to be honest, are the Moon Goggles worth creating a super amazing and innovative name? I don't think so. So yeah, they are now Christened as the Moon Goggles :D

And in consequence Chibiusa's goggles were named the Chibi Moon Goggles! LOL, one would think thay I'm running out of the ideas for intelligent names for items. But seriously, why to put so much effort to name simple goggles that aren't even super detailed!? I believe you agree with me in 100% :D

For the future projects involving Moon Goggles, now when I done an imaginary mask for Sailor Chibi Moon, I plan to draw ones for Sailor Paleo Moon (My Semi-OC based on the original Queen Serenity) and Sailor Parallel Moon. What is more, I plan to draw all other masks, visors and any other eye-connected items in the future. These include the most significant ones: Mercury's Visors and Sailor V's red mask. Of course, there are other items like this I didn't mentioned now, however my aim is to create pictures for all of them. So stay tuned for my future projects! :)

For other brooches and Sailor Items please visit my gallery ^^

The Moon Goggles - the Moon Mask from the manga - 100% fandrawn with fandecided colors and details!
Moon Prism Power, Make Up! - manga version of the Transformation Brooch - 100% fandrawn with fandecided colors and details!
Moon Prism Power, Make Up! - anime version of the Transformation Brooch - 100% fandrawn with fandecided composition!
Tuxedo Power, Make Up! - live-action mask of Tuxedo Kamen - 100% fandrawn/designed with fandecided composition!

Before you start reading this section, I want to say that in order to make this picture I just slightly edited and recolored my previous picture for Usagi's Moon Mask posted three weeks ago.

I want to point out here that to draw the body outlines I have used a screenshot from Sailor Moon's "Prism Power" transformation to get all proportions right. I have edited it here and there to match my satisfaction. Also, by watching Sailor Moon's henshin I think that I have found a perfect way for presenting Sailor Items that are worn on faces or heads. I can only show body outlines and eyes! I'm so clever :D

I think I can say now that you can expect from me more Sailor Items that the girls were wearing on their heads. As I mentioned in the "Explanation" section, this will include all the mask, visors and goggles. But also glasses, monocles, crowns, earrings, mikes, tiaras, necklaces, chokers, lip-liners, and many many more that can be done this way and that I didn't mentioned (because I can't remember them all at the moment) :D

IMPORTANT: Please, notice that in this picture Chibiusa's body proportions are different than those from the anime where she appeared to be a kid. On this picture she is 14yo, just like Usagi in the first season. As you probably suspect, I did this because I didn't wanted to draw a chibi body specially for Chibiusa. I know this is really lazy, but I didn't wanted to waste my energy for something like this. All in all, the picture was made for the item, not for the person presented in it.

So yeah, my accuracy here really sucks. As I said above, I didn't want to make a chibi body for Chibiusa, because that would be too complicated for me. And I didn't want to work hard on the body outlines only for showing the pink mask of Chibiusa (that is just a recolor of Usagi's white mask). Of course the proportions of between body and item are very important to me and I always try to get them correct, but in case of Chibiusa's items, I don't keep the age accuracy. I know I should pay more attention to this, however I think my pics for her items look great nonetheless. :P

I must point out that the lineart of the mask was done by me. I studied approximately 20 different pictures of Usagi's mask (from manga and artbooks). It wasn't really that easy, because the proportions of the mask to head and eyes varied a lot. Also, sometimes the angles of the sharp ends near the ears or the size of the eye holes on the mask varied almost every time (this was extremely frustrating for me). After a few attempts I got the visible result. I'm satisfied with it and I think it looks quite good. Beside its proportions compromise between different versions of the mask.

The mask is colored of course in pink with newly chosen shades. Sailor Moon's mask is white. In order not to use the the same color, I decided to color it in pink - Chibi Moon's image color. I know that pink may not be the best choice, because Chibiusa's outfit is whole pink with red accents, but it was the best choice for her in my opinion. I wanted to use red, but that's the color of Sailor V's mask. I also wanted to use yellow, but after a while I decided not to and use this color for someone else in the future.

Having no better ideas for other and better color, in the end I decided to stay with pink for the mask. I just hope that this pink mask would look good on Chibiusa in fullbody picture of her in Sailor Fuku. Also, maybe it is hardly visible, but the pink is not plain. It has some soft gradient shading. Since the mask is extremely simple and also because it kind of disappear in the background, I decided to give it a light blue shine around its outlines.

The eyes of Chibiusa are colored in newly chosen red, which I picked exclusively for this picture. This is the first time I have drawn Chibiusa's eyes and the first time I had to pick a color for her eyes. It is because I never before needed or had occasion to draw Sailor Chibi Moon. Until now when I decided to make a mask for her. I have picked this shade of the red from one of the pics that can be found in the Net.

I just made it slightly darker so that it won't look grayish under the white reflections of the mask's glasses. I really like this shade of red and I think from now on I will use this color for her eyes. Also, because Chibiusa's eyes have different reflections than Usagi's, I had to modify them. I have viewed a lot of reference pictures for them. It wasn't that easy as her eyes' design varied from time to time. I have chosen the most popular one and made it look close to Usagi's eyes. I'm really satisfied with the outcome :D

When looking on the picture, I realized that the whole picture looks a little plain with the mask and Chibiusa's body only. Also, I felt that there was lack of the balance to the picture, since the mask is placed quite high on the picture's composition. Because of that I thought about what to do to regain the balance. And I got a brilliant idea. I decided to add Sailor Chibi Moon's earrings and her special hair locks (which I didn't made for Usagi's mask picture to not complicate it too much)!

Chibi Moon's earrings are the same in both anime and manga (with one exception being the picture from the Material Collection of Naoko Takeuchi) and are simple round pink studs (to make them I recolored white beads of Usagi's earrings from manga). They are colored in my newly chosen pink color with its shades exclusively for this picture. To make the earrings better standing out and not disappearing from the background, I gave them a light blue shine.

And about the hair locks. As I said, in order to fill the space on the right and left of Chibiusa's neck, I figured out I will add that piggy-tail-like curls that always stick ouf from behind Chibiusa's ears. The locks are colored in the same gradient colors like the ones in Chibiusa's head. I took them from one of pictures showing headshot of Sailor Chibi Moon. I really like how they look like :)

I know this is against what can be seen in the actual "Prism Power" transformation from the anime. Earrings always appeared at the end of the transformation together with the tiara and odango shields, just before Sailor Chibi Moon assumed the final pose. I decided to break this rule just for the artistic purposes of this picture. I wanted to complete the picture with a good composition and overall balance. And I think I achieved this aim.

What is more, I also added a pink shining crescent moon on Chibiusa's forehead to make the whole picture a little bit more detailed. Please, notice that the crescent moon does appear on Chibiusa's forehead during the "Prism Power" transformation in the anime (I'm not sure about the manga, I don't remember seeing it there), but it was golden rather than pink. I referenced this idea also from the "Moon Eternal" henshin. I must say that I really like how it looks with the rest of this picture. I like the effect. To make it shinier, I added the starry shine/reflection :)

As for the backgrounds, I decided to mimic the ones that appear during the "Prism" transformation of Chibiusa. First one is that which appears behind Chibiusa on which she flies in her henshin. The second one is that which appears inside the body outlines of Chibiusa when she levitates without Sailor Fuku in her transformation. Each one was kind of tricky to be recreated. Out of these two, the second one was the hardest one that I spent the most time on.

As you can see, the first one is hardly visible as it is hidden behind Chibiusa's head. However, I believe you can still notice that it basically consists of blue/purple/pink gradient background, white bubbles with big stars inside, white regular/normal and round/dot stars, and pink shiny hearts. Since not much is seen of this background, I will definitely reuse it sometime in the future (I already used it once on Chibiusa's Cutie Moon Rod background, but it is not reused here; it was recreated once again).

The second one, that is better visible and is placed inside Chibiusa's body outlines, consists of light-blue/pink/orange/yellow gradient background, stars in 3 forms: normal, round/dot and big pink, dangling yellow starry strings and hexagons in 3 different colors (pink, blue and green) which nicely blend with the background. It was a really hard part of the background for me to make. I tried at least 10 times to get this right (or maybe to get it satisfactory for me).

I have added a black shadow behind Chibiusa's body lines in similar fashion to those that appear in the "Prism Power" transformation of Usagi (they aren not used in Chibiusa's henshin). I did this to make the body lines better visible. This makes that I really like how the backgrounds turned out and I'm really satisfied with the final results. I hope you think the same :)

CREDIT: Dangling Starry Strings (c) and Star Brushes (small and big version) (c) ~redheadstock - Thank you so much awesome user for sharing these brushes! They were very useful in creating this background which I'm proud of ^^ I really love all the brushes you made so far! They are beautiful and allow to make cool magical girls backgrounds! Thank you, thank you once again! Here is the credit for you ~redheadstock! :heart:

PL Nieprawdziwe i Wymyślone - Małe Księżycowe Gogle!

:new: Hello everyone! Some time ago I got a nice idea for the new picture! I have drawn the Moon Goggles! :giggle: Immediately after posting them I got an idea to do Chibiusa's version! And here they are! I believe you have expected that sooner or later I will do them. Because I only had to edit the first picture here and there (which in fact was not that easy), it was a matter of weeks to make them. Nevertheless, I'm so proud of this drawing! Even if it looks that it was a simple edition, I really spend some hours to make it look perfect correct! :giggle:

I'm aware that in 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 I was horrible with new uploads. I should have posted more pictures in the last year, but I didn't have time to focus on making new pictures. School did its job perfectly distracting me from doing what I love to do! Having some free time, I decided to quickly finish one of my recent works ^^ I really hope that you are not disappointed! Right now I'm looking forward to summer when I will have a lot more of free time :giggle:

My recent works that I'm working on are repairing mistakes in Fairy Tones deviations, finishing the rest of the lockets from manga, mostly I want to do the opened form of Moon Crisis Compact and Crisis Chibi Moon's compact from the manga (in both - opened and closed forms), but it will of course have my special add-ons. Also, there are brooches from SeraMyu musicals! I still have not forgotten to make more of them! I will do more! Expect them to come!

However, I recently have a break from making brooches and drawing things that are extremely complicated or detailed (because of the lack of free time). And that is also why I decided to draw the Moon Goggles three weeks ago. They are simple and not detailed at all, yet they look cool! What is more, I found a good way for presenting them with a body (for scale issues). Being in the good mood, I have decided to recolor them and draw the Chibi Moon Goggles for Chibiusa! I really had to do it. Forgive me spamming your message boxes! :D

To tell the truth, I was considering not posting anything anymore to stop art thefts done on me, because I'm tired of finding my pictures on other websites (sometimes they are cropped to eliminate my name or made smaller to make my name invisible to some level; it happens on Facebook most of the time). This really drives me crazy at times. But I felt that I need to make more Sailor things, so here is the new picture :flirty: Please, enjoy it minna-san! I hope you will appreciate my efforts! :P

Do NOT copy, trace, edit or repost this artwork. I put a lot of effort into this picture and I don't want you to reuse elements of it, not to mention editing whole picture. Please, respect my will. I count on your fairness. Thanks!
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